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Employment and Training Administration Pilots, Demonstrations, and Research Projects

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

Purpose of this program:

Through demonstration and pilot projects, to address national employment and training problems that have interstate validity and will aid policymakers and stakeholders in addressing these problems. Such projects shall include; the provision of direct services to individuals to enhance employment opportunities and an evaluation component and may include: (1) The establishment of advanced manufacturing technology skill centers developed through local partnerships; (2) projects that provide training to upgrade the skills of employed workers who reside and are employed in enterprise communities or empowerment zones; (3) programs conducted jointly with the Department of Defense to develop training programs using innovative learning technologies; (4) projects that promote the use of distance learning; (5) projects that assist in providing comprehensive services to increase the employment rates of out-of-school youth residing in high poverty areas within empowerment zones and enterprise communities; (6) the establishment of partnerships with national organizations expert in developing, organizing, and administering employment and training projects; (7) projects to assist public housing authorities that provide job training programs to residents; and (8) projects that assist local areas to evaluate the degree to which participants in programs under this title achieve self-sufficiency.